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Our political system is log-jammed by people that disagree, not on their underlying values, but rather  on the basic facts.  In a free and open debate, you can have your own opinions and values, but if you are honest, you have to admit we all share the same facts.  The cake party is dedicated to bringing the facts to light so that people are free to choose what they really want for our society instead of merely having to offset the votes of people who disagree with us and shouldn't.

Path to action
* First look over the General pamphlet or the Economics One-Pager in the Resource center and look into the learning main items below.
* Second, Consider registering with the Facebook page.
* Third, sign up in the sign-up page on this site.  For further granularity, join one or more of our email lists (initially join the two main google groups: thecakeparty-austin or thecakeparty)  Send an email to jeff@thecakeparty.org if you are unable to join.
* Fourth, look over our action committees (FISTs) and see if there is one you feel comfortable joining
* Fifth, rock the vote and get anti-growth, anti-liberty, and corporate power candidates out of office.  Remember that as we fix things in our local races we can bring more power to bear nationally.

Learning about what is really going on (ctrl-click to open in a new page)

A few quick economics primers: Reich RTDchartsMaddowMaddow2

The End of America: Netflix, B&N

Confessions of an economic hitman: You TubeB&N

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now - independant intervention: Netflix

Ray McGovern - corruption of US intelligence: You Tube

Joseph Stiglitz economic lecture. Joseph Stiglitz "Engine for Growth" at FCC  Classic.  At one point he talks about the difference between "competition in the market" and "competition for the market." 

Julian Assange: A modern day hero: Netflix

This website is still rapidly evolving so please bear with us as we work out the kings kinks.

Recent Announcements

  • Pamphlet release I now have a general pamphlet that is downloadable in the downloads center.
    Posted Apr 19, 2012, 6:57 PM by Jeff Little
  • This is Day 1! The revolution is still in its infancy.  We stand at the brink of either utopia or disaster and the choice is ours.  Only an informed public can make the choice ...
    Posted May 5, 2012, 9:36 PM by Jeff Little
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