Action Groups

At the cake party, we organize our action committees in small groups that we call fists.  Besides being empowering imagery, it is a simple mnemonic for "FIve STart" and for the idea of 5 fingers standing together.  Five people working together can set up effective goals and deadlines and stay on target.  They can also establish continuity as membership adjusts and projects turn over.  Each FIST will have a working purpose and will run the purpose like a small business, tracking objectives like business objectives.  This is not intended to discourage long term prosthelytizing, though, which will be one of the central purposes of the group for a long time to come, even though it is difficult to measure.

The set of active groups will evolve over time, but for now, we start with the following suggested groups.  As the saying goes, these are ground floor opportunities, so email and let me know what group you are interested in, and we will see how we can make it happen.  If a fist isn't really ready for prime time yet, then recruiting is a good place to start.

Issue groups:
Economic media development Fist
Economic public awareness fist
Prison problem brainstorming/media fist
Safety Net media development fist

Austin recruiting fist
(name your city) recruiting fist
(name your school) recruiting fist
Organisation/planning fist
Intergroup communication/development/troubleshooting fist
Elections/endorsement/strategy fist

Tools fist
Website fist