Rebuilding America
* We must structure our economy so that both consumption and capital spending are enabled.  Capital spending is in no danger in the current system, so we must be cautious with our consumption cycle.
* We must restore our education system to its former eminence.  We can no longer coast on past glories while our edge withers and while we lose our moderate wage industries while not gaining any high wage industries to replace them.  Unfortunately this is an area with a lot of lag, so we will continue to feel the pain long after we fix the problem, but this is a problem that must be addressed so our children have a competitive future.
* We must recognize that every economic transaction requires both production and purchase, so we have to make sure that the weaker of those two is protected, and in this society, that means reversing free markets and free trade that have destroyed our worker's earning power.

Tax Fairness
* Right now we pay the most taxes on local items and the least taxes on foriegn products.  That should be reversed (after taking services into account)
* Right now small companies pay more taxes than large companies, that needs to be reversed.
* Companies that pay their CEO's more than 50 times their lowest paid workers or their subsidiary/captive suppliers wages or that pay their CEOs more than 200 times their lowest partial subsidiary/ partial captive supplier's wages pay the same tax rate as companies that pay their CEOs a small premium over their lowest paid workers.  

These reforms should be implemented because they contribute more to a healthy economy, which is, after all, what we are all in this for.

Restoring Justice
* The US has more prisoners per capita than any other developed country and has about as many prisoners total as China.  We are to the point of needing a twelve step approach and the first step is to admit we have a problem.
* It is disgraceful that locking more and more people up is a profit center.  The fact that there are large blocks of people out there for whom ensuring incarceration growth is the primary way of increasing profits shows just how far we have fallen as a society.
* We should have active exchange of personnel with countries and districts that are doing a good job in this area.  The highest priority is for people to see that things are being done differently elsewhere and it is working.
* Our fastest progress in this area requires that we also establish a safety net.  Motivation works best if we keep people above the "nothing left to lose" threshold.
* Our eyes must be on the prize.  Japan locks up 60 people per 100k.  We lock up closer to 700.  Any local government with a number much higher than Europes range in the low 100s per 100k should write up a business plan every year for reducing it and a discussion of what worked and didn't work from last year's plan.

Honor in Lawmaking
* All lobbying materials should be saved and posted to public searchable databases indexed by participants as the distinction between lobbying and graft.
* Election advertising shall be saved for public scrutiny in a public searchable manner and copyright shall not prevent re-use for political debate purposes.
* Public financing of elections shall be guaranteed and significant if certain minimums and conditions are met.
* There is no constitutional free speech protection for buying an election and reasonable and necessary restraints will be imposed on this.
* The Presidential pardon (and any similar power) shall not apply to members of government pursuing the aims of government through illegal means.
* Whistleblowers require added protections including all whistleblowers releasing factual documents where the only National secrecy requirement is an attempt to hide crimes by government officials.

Liberty and Prosperity for all
In the words (paraphrased) of Naomi Wolf, our founding fathers did not consider patriotism to be something you saluted, worshiped, or blindly supported.  Rather than a badge we are presented with, it is an obligation we take on as we build the country that our children will want to live in.