Quick Facts

1. Republicans have been running on a platform of low taxes and low regulation for 100 years now.
2. The economy has grown by 118% under Republicans in 48 years and 767% under Democrats in 50 years after inflation (1914-2010).
3. There has never been a Republican President who left office with unemployment under 5%
4. Republican second terms have seen less growth than Republican first terms while Democrat second terms have seen more growth than Democrat first terms.
5. There have only been two Republican third terms - 1929-1932 (The Great Depression) and 1989-1992 (1980-1992 saw the Debt/GDP ratio go from 30% - 65%)
6. 1980-2010 included 20 Republican years and only 10 Democrat year and saw GDP growth of a bit over 40% per capita.
7. The 10 years of Clinton/Obama saw GDP growth of almost 40% per capita.
8. Prison populations have grown from under 500k to almost 2.5 million since 1980
9. We now have 7 people in prison per capita for every 1 in Europe and 2 people in prison for every 1 in South Africa.
10. The top .01 percent of the population now earns over 1000 times as much as the bottom 90%. The last time we saw this big a difference was in 1928 right before the Great Depression started.